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In behavioral counseling, personal counseling is in the foreground


If a behavior causes problems when living with your dog, it makes sense to provide training that is individually tailored to you and your dog.

The first thing to do is to clarify where your dog fits into the pack structure. To change the pack structure in your favor, we start our training at your home. There you will learn about the prerogatives of a pack leader and how to distribute them in your favor. What is meant are privileges over all important resources such as food, seating and lying places and much more. Your dog is very familiar with these pack leader privileges and knows how to skilfully claim them. Through the consistent redistribution of all resources and through your behavior, you will ensure that your dog accepts you as the pack leader.

We go to the root of all problems and do not fight symptoms. Together we will develop an individual training plan, learn how to live together on a daily basis and thus strengthen the bond, trust and stability between you and your dog.


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