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The first thing to do is to clarify where the problem lies. To help you with this, we start our training at your home. There you will learn about the privileges of a dog handler and how to distribute them in your favor. What is meant are privileges over all important resources such as food, seating and lying places and much more. Your dog is very familiar with these pack leader privileges and knows how to skilfully claim them. Through the consistent redistribution of all resources and through your behavior, you will ensure that your dog accepts you as the pack leader. After the initial consultation, we will decide whether you want to buy a 5-pack or a 10-pack. After the introduction you can take part in our group training.


The first conversation lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours and costs 180.00 including 20 km

All subscriptions are valid and will not be transferred to others, nor will there be refunds for courses not attended.

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